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Cherrydog makes premium quality tools and bots.


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Currently I have one main project and a few projects under development. In addition, I make customized tools for clients with special requirements.

Professional software that renders you Reddit TTS style videos. Easy to install, fun to use and includes many features. Try it out for free! Visit my youtube channel! The payment processor is SendOwl, which supports instant License key delivery upon purchase. NOTE: Currently Windows 7/8/10 only!

$29 - Basic

+ Render customised videos
+ Change the TTS voice (for example to Daniel UK)
+ Fetch unlimited threads

- Buy Basic -
$109 - Pro

+ Render unique videos
+ Natural sounding TTS voices (Neural Polly)
+ Auto translator
+ Full auto-upload
+ Support for auto-scrolling long posts

- Get 30% Off -
Free Tier

+ Render basic videos
+ Fetch 2 threads a day

- Free Download -

For an exhaustive list of features, please download and read the Full Documentation (v0.7.0) of the software. Feel free to contact me for questions: @cherrydog (Telegram) or cherrydog#1778 (discord)

If you have something special on your mind: I make customized tools! As you've probably noticed, I specialize in Automation Bots.

Ask the price on telegram @cherrydog


Feel free to contact me for questions: @cherrydog (Telegram) or cherrydog#1778 (discord)